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Bob was featured in another article in  Dothan Neighbors.  Here is an excerpt from the article entitled: “Innovative Thinking on a Very Popular Subject: Money”

Why are fixed and fixed indexed annuities so popular? Safety – Safety – Safety
• Your principal is protected
• State Insurance Guaranty funds also protect
principal (amount of protection varies by States)
• Complaints are handled at the local state level
• Reasonable growth potential
• Tax advantages
• Lifetime income
• Estate advantages

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Excerpt: Living to 100? Are you kidding? It might happen to you. Today in the United States, according to US Census Bureau Population, people 100 and over represent the second fastest growing population. The fastest? People over 85. Many 65-year-olds will live well into their 90s. Are you in good health and like controlling your fate? Do you think you might live a long life? This may be a good time to talk with your Advisor…

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Dateline: Dothan, AL (Category: Expert Commentary)

Excerpt: 1. The Baby Boomer generation has created the Grandparent Boom! There are now more grandparents in the U.S. than ever before – some 70 million, according to the latest census. That is a 24 percent increase since 2001. More than 33 percent of all adults over age 30 were grandparents in the 2014 census. This interesting change in demographics make

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Dateline: Dothan, AL (Category: Expert Commentary)

Excerpt: Is your hospital stay covered under Medicare? Not so fast! If you are put in the hospital as “Outpatient Observation Status” you may not be covered. Observation status is a hospital classification that can cause a Medicare patient to have to pay for the cost of their hospital stay, hospital prescriptions, and nursing home care.


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