Innovative Thinking on a Very Popular Subject: Money

Dateline: Dothan, AL (Category: Expert Commentary, Media)

In this issue Bob Touches on 10 additional important financial questions:

1. Is Social Security taxable?
2. Comments from David Houle, a futurist from Sarasota, about the
near-term financial markets:…
3. Distribution Planning – What are the rules?

Innovative Thinking on Money

Dateline: Dothan, AL (Category: Expert Commentary, Media)

Bob was featured in another article in  Dothan Neighbors.  Here is an excerpt from the article entitled: “Innovative Thinking on a Very Popular Subject: Money”

Why are fixed and fixed indexed annuities so popular? Safety – Safety – Safety
• Your principal is protected
• State Insurance Guaranty funds also protect
principal (amount of protection varies by States)
• Complaints are handled at the local state level
• Reasonable growth potential
• Tax advantages
• Lifetime income
• Estate advantages

Central Dothan Neighbors

Dateline: Dothan, AL (Category: Media)

How Money Really Works

by: Bob Arnold – Superior Income Group


The four major changes to Social Security for 2017


1 – Cost of living increase was a measly .3 percent


2 – The maximum possible payout rose to $2,687 monthly for a person at full retirement age.


3 – Maximum taxable earnings moved from $118,500 in 2016 to $127,200 this year.


4 – Maximum earnings limit for people age 65 and younger rose to $16,920.

Central Dothan Neighbors Magazine

Dateline: Dothan, Alabama (Category: Media)

What If What You Thought To Be True Turned Out Not To Be True?
By Bob Arnold, Superior Income Group

Excerpt: “The sad truth is that a vast majority of people retiring today are not financially independent. Conventional financial beliefs seem to have failed them. I tell my clients “If you do what everyone else does, you will most likely end up with what everyone else has.” Financial DE-pendence!”

Central Dothan Neighbors – “Expert Contributor”

Dateline: Dothan, Alabama (Category: Media)

7 Things You Need To Know About Qualified Plans
By Bob Arnold, Superior Income Group

Excerpt: “There are many who are under the misconception that putting money in a qualified plan saves taxes. They are not tax savings plans but rather tax deferred savings plans. The only way to save taxes in a qualified plan would be to take the money out at a lower bracket than you were in when you made the contribution. “

Central Dothan Neighbors

Dateline: Dothan, Alabama (Category: Media)

How Money Really Works

Social Security is America’s great income safety net that was put in place by Franklin D. Roosevelt. It has undergone a myriad of changes in its benefit structure since its inception. Did you know, that originally, Social Security benefits were only available to workers and not their spouses? Obviously that has changed. So, what are some of the components of the system that are in place today that you may be unaware of that could hurt you or your family benefits in the future?  Entire Article Can be Found Here

Lexington Herald Leader

Dateline: Lexington, KY (Category: Media)

Excerpt: “Exchange Center for Child Abuse Prevention recently hosted its 19th Annual “Hero’s on the Green” Charity Golf Tournament. The event was a significant success, raising more than $17,000.  The venue was the Dothan National Golf Club and Hotel. The tournament was conducted as a four-person scramble. Participation fees were $400 per team or $500 with a hole sponsorship.  Many prominent members of the Dothan-area community were sponsors and participants. Superior Income Group, led by Bob Arnold, was a notable participant and the Title Sponsor.” Entire Article Here

Dothan Neighbors Magazine

Dateline: Dothan, Alabama (Category: Media)

Excerpt: “When it comes to the best way to invest for retirement, most families are focused on all the wrong numbers, such as rates of return, fees and net worth. In the final analysis, the most vital issue is whether you will have a sufficient, dependable stream of income that you cannot outlive.  One America Financial Partners recently commissioned a study by Wade Pfau, professor of retirement income at the American College for Financial Services.  He concluded that a strategic combination of life insurance,annuities and traditional investments could provide the best way to invest retirement money.” Entire October 2016 Issue Here

Social Security And You

Dateline: USA (Category: Media)

Excerpt: Were you aware that The Bi-Partisan budget the act of 2015 did more then just create a budget? The act also made significant changes in social security retirement claiming strategies.Prior of the passage of this act, there were numerous strategies that were available to retire. For example the high earning spouse could file a full retirement age of 66 if born between 1943 and 1954.    See More

Fighting Child Abuse

Dateline: Dothan, AL (Category: Media)

Excerpt: The Superior Income Group, LLC led by its Founder Bob Arnold was the Title Sponsor for this year’s 17th Annual Charity Golf Scramble at RTJ Golf Trail in Highland Oaks held on June 25, 2015. Each year the tournament is a four-person scramble with a shotgun start at 9am. Title Sponsor Bob Arnold commented. “I am really pleased at the generous outpouring of support from the entire community. We support the Exchange Center knowing that if even one child is able to sleep safely at night it is all worth it.”

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